New Year Soon

Hi guys ,it’s New Years soon and you know what that means…A BRAND NEW YEAR AND MY BIRTHDAY!!! Remember My Birthday is in Jan 1 and I just can’t believe it’s very soon.I’m going to start posting because…I just feel like it.Hehehe.Okay Stay tuned :D

Warm Drink for you

I did this delicous hot chocolate and what a great drink ,when it’s 15 degrees outside.This hot chocolate is happy for now it’s not going to be happy after I drink it.


I decides to make up this thing called “Game of the week/app of the week” and this week’s game is…..*DRUM ROLL*….?…?…? VIRTUAL FAMILIES
I really love this game and it’s like you adopt a person and she or he gets Marriage proposals and then when you’ve accepted they get married and have kids.I’m totally addicted to that game but not in an annoying way but in a fun way.



Grand Avenue

I know that Phase 3 AKA Grand Avenue opened in Kuwait and I haven’t been there but with a bit of research I found a couple of information about it.Firstly Cheesecake Factory opened and ALL of Kuwait is going there.And They’re opening great Brands Stores such as Harvey Nicholas.They are opening the same stores that they have in Avenues Phase 1 and 2 like,H&M and ofcourse Starbucks.Anyways reading all the reviews Grand Avenue looks pretty good.I can’t wait to go there *wink* haha



Hi Everyone.I know I’m not posting which kind of is sad,but it’s like I’m so so so so so so busy but since it’s the weekend I decided to write a post.I’m going to write 2 very interestings post so please stay tune.I promise you I’m going to write it so YUP.:)

First day of school

Oh my god.soooo sorry about not making this post earlier.I’m just toooo busy,Anyways I’m in year 7 (grade 7) and The first day of school turned out to be AMAZING!!! so cool.I loved it so much,school isn’t that bad :) (Y).Alot of posts coming soon :)

School soon

School is pretty soon and I’m shaking and nervous and sad! Summer is coming to an end and that’s pretty sad :( I have to wait a whole year for summer to come? Anyways I’m going to write a post about how my first day of school went by the end of this week ;)


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